Accesorios y herramientas Speedrill
Accesorios y herramientas Speedrill
Accesorios y herramientas Speedrill
Impulse Accesories
Square Drive with Hex.

Standard impact accessories

  • Made with the highest quality Steel.
  • Wide range of lengths and square drives.
  • We offer fast coupling configurations such as “Fast Lead” and “Surface Drive” in addition to the usual ones.
  • Possibility of adding fixed magnet or side magnet to our products.
  • All our products follow the quality and CE certification.

Special sockets

  • Specialized in the advice and design of these items according to your needs.
  • Customized products in accordance to your requirement, such as; Type, length, diameter and / or material, finish color and even the desired heat treatment.
  • Contact form to ask for special sockets.

Sleeve Covered Accessories

  • They increase safety and cleanliness of the workspace.
  • The sleeved items facilitate and smoothens the movements, reducing the tools friction.
  • Perfect for high sensitivity tightening areas where we have to avoid unnecessary marks.
  • Anti-corrosive composition. Resistant to most chemicals and high temperatures.
  • Customized as needed.
Productos Speedrill - Maquinas

Tightening tools and accessories.

  • Precision screw driving tools with clutch or hydraulic system, with automatic stop.
  • Angular or pistol type tools.
  • Battery or pneumatic powered.
  • Programmable battery tools.